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Professional background

Garry Burrell started his career working as a junior designer in a small creative studio in Soho. Over the next few years he quickly worked his way up to senior designer and was employed in some of London's busiest and most successful design consultancies. After 18 years he ventured out on his own as an independent.  


During his career he has accumulated a wealth of creative expertise, technical skill and design related business knowledge. As a London based self-employed graphic designer he handles a wide range of graphic work including the design and production of brochures, product packaging, logos, websites and marketing related printed items.  


Formal training:

•  Art College trained and qualified (Epson School of Art & Design). 


Former employers include:  

Indicator (logos, shop signage and product merchandising for clothing companies)

Addison (BP forecourt signage design)

• Fitch Benoy (shopping mall graphics, wayfinding signage and branding)

• Wordsearch Publishing (property marketing brochures and advertising) 

XMPR (retail branding, wayfinding/signage design & product packaging) 

Denison Design (web site design, Waitrose meals packaging)  



•  Established as a self-employed graphic designer since 2007. 



• A wealth of creative and technical expertise.   

• Versatile and flexible worker (capable of handling a diverse range of work) 

• A good eye for composition, typography and colour. 

• Excellent Adobe CS (Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator).

• Excellent knowledge of digital and lithographic printing. 

• Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

• Strong project management abilities. Can handle complex projects that are multi-faceted.  

• Excellent styling and art-direction abilities (ie. on product photography shoots). 

• Skilled at sourcing specialist creatives such as photographers, printers and programmers. 


Areas of expertise:  

• Logo design 

• Branding

• Brochures & leaflets

• Small websites 

• Branded packaging 

• Retail branding & shop graphics 

• Press adverts & printed marketing related material 



New York Nail Company

Healthy Roots 

Catering Naturally 

Exclusive Touch 

Lofli Jeans 

The Aromatherapy Store 

Estates & General

Stanhope Rosehaugh

British Land

Crown Estates





For further information please contact mobile: 0790 9640815 or email.




Berry Brother & Rudd (Wine Merchant)


Penguin Publishing

Pepe Jeans

BAA (British Airport Authorities)

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