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One Designer. Limitless Creative Possibilities.

Beautifully crafted graphic design for print and web.

Creative services tailored specifically to your needs. 


Creative Services: 

Graphic Design 







Brand identities 
Digital brochures

Printed brochures 

Flyers & leaflets 
Product packaging 
Press advertising

Retail & shop graphics 
Marketing material

Collateral print items 

Business cards  

How I work. 

Every project begins with a conversation. We’ll discuss your project in detail to identify exactly what you need. You'll be asked to write a formal design brief. In addition to being a request for graphic design services it also forms a contract between designer and client. It must be very 

detailed, accurate and comprehensive. Once we have agreed a brief I'll produce a project quote for you to consider. At this stage everything is still negotiable, we can change the brief or the level of cost involved. Accompanying the quote will be a plan of action and a time schedule. Graphic design projects are bound by strict time schedules otherwise clients may incurr additional expense. I handle projects seamlessly from beginning to end. 


All projects are structured in 3-stages: 

Stage 1. Creative concepts (ideas). 

Creating initial ideas. Presenting them. Get client feedback and approval. 


Stage 2. Design development. 

Further exploring a single concept. Refining and finishing it. Presenting. Get approval. 


Stage 3. Producing a digital master production file. 

Production files are essential for printing, web programming & the manufacture process.

Design presentation files are not the same thing as production files. 

All design solutions have to be saved in a appropriate digital file format.


How I work: 

  • Every project starts with a conversation or meeting to discuss the project. 

  • We'll discuss your project in detail and identify your creative needs and ultimate objectives. 

  • Clients must put their requirements formally in writing (the design brief forms a contract). 

  • I'll produce a quote for you to approve accompanied by a plan of action and time-schedule. 

  • My clients are explained everything upfront and can stop the project at any time. 

  • Design projects follow a pre-agreed budget, a plan of action and a time schedule. 

  • Projects are structured in 3 stages (provided on your quote).  

  • Each project stage is broken down with a separate cost, time-frame and specific objective. 


Call me if you have a project you’d like to discuss or if you need some initial advice. 

Initial advice is offered free of charge and without obligation.  

A variety of things affect price and a quick chat is more precise than an email or text. 


For more information or to discuss a project please contact Garry Burrell: 

0750 339 6994 


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