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I have a pricing policy which is totally transparent. There are no hidden extras. Initially the client and I will discuss their design brief. We'll agree exactly what work is required in fine detail. The client will receive a quote that covers everything they've asked for. Quotes are often accompanied by a time-schedule, a project plan and payment terms. No design work begins until the quote and the time-schedule have been received the clients written approval.    


How do I normally charge clients?
I usually charge a flat rate (fixed price) based on the workload and time-scale indictated by the design brief. A flat rate let's clients know in advance what their final bill will be before any work is strated (provided they don't stray from their original brief). I can also work on an hourly or daily rate iif preferred. If a client strays from the agreed brief or requests unscheduled extras during the project then extra charges will have to be negotiated along the way.  



  • Initial telephone advice is offered free of charge and obligation free.  


  • Design quotes are free. 


  • Project fees: I'm an art college trained, professionally qualified graphic designer with years of high caliber commercial experience. I deliver high quality and commercially effective results which smart clients recognise as being a huge advantage to them. I charge fees which correspond to the official 2015 fees currently being charged by professional designers across the UK. 


  • Added value: As a self-employed graphic designer my clients benefit from advantages that only an independent designer like myself can offer. I provide a flexible and responsive service that is specifically tailored to their needs. I deliver, bespoke, high quality results and a personalised service that are exceptional value. 


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